Maintaining Your Farm Property In Ohio

Whether you are in the market to purchase Ohio farm land for sale or currently own property already, there are some things you shouldn’t overlook when either maintaining what you have or examining prospective land.

We put together a list of essential maintenance considerations to make to keep your farm running efficiently.

House and Barn Buildings
Especially if you own farm animals, you know first hand how grimy a barn can get. From hay to manure to dirt, it can feel nearly impossible to keep your barn clean. While it is inevitable to have a sparkly and shiny barn, you can, however, maintain its shape. Periodically, your building will need repair. Whether it’s something small like a hole in the wall, or something bigger like replacing the floors, don’t hold off on making the repairs. Before you know it that small hole can grow and house little pests or the floors can turn into a safety hazard.

When looking for houses with land for sale in Ohio, proper maintenance is just as necessary. With a home, you want to ensure the property it is structurally sound and  won’t cause any problems in the future.

Having profitable soil should be your main priority. The quality of soil is a huge factor among people looking for Ohio farm land for sale. For soil maintenance, first look at the soil survey, which you can find online, and you will be able to tell if your site is prime farmland or not.  Various things to check are the depth to water table, the slope, groundwater, the pH, and current cropping quality. If you plan on planting crops that require soil tillage, yet you have sloping ground, you will need to identify strategies and develop a plan with the National Resource Conservation Science to prevent erosion.

Fencing is crucial for vegetable and livestock producers, as it keeps wild animals out and the farm animals in. When considering maintenance, check to see if your fencing is intact and damage free. If repair is needed, replace any posts as soon as possible.

Like we mentioned previously, maintaining farm property is essential. If you are looking to purchase Ohio farm land for sale or even homes with land for sale in Ohio, ensuring the property is well-maintained is a must.

If you currently own land and need help financing maintenance such as constructing a new building,  Farm Loan Center offers using the equity in your home for farm loans for veterans in Ohio.

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